About me

  Hi! My name is António and welcome to my personal website. I've decided to create this website, not only as a way to give less emphasis to the traditional CV, but also to show in more detail some of my work, so it can help someone in their projects too.

  Currently, I'm going for a major in electrical/mechanical engineering in Aveiro, Portugal, and in addition to having a passion for electronics, I am also a passionate about code, especially c/c++ for its low level of communication with the hardware and its high speed, and Python, for its simplicity as a rabbit language.


High Altitude Balloon

be.esic.pt (link translated to your native language by Google)
Fig: Balloon that took the sensors and its parachute.

  The project consists of a stratospheric balloon that carries a capsule where inside, is a board computer and sensors such as GPS, temperature, pressure and a digital camera that makes the visual record of the trip. Inside, it also goes a radio within an amateur frequency to be able to communicate its location and, an analog camera to make live transmission by radio.

  The maximum height registed was about 27Km and the entire project went as planned. For more information, visit the official website at the link above!


Maria's personal website

Fig: Screenshot of Maria's website.

  This website was designed by Maria herself and my job was to make her vision reality, and so, her website was born. Maria is a personal virtual assistant, she organizes the work life of some people that, otherwise, don't have time to do it themselves. With this being said, she needed a website so she can reach her customers and give them a more detail information about her job.